i. today i went to get lunch with my mom. a lot of people from school were at the restaurant we went to… including the boy who makes me uncomfortable.. so we got the food to go (it was crowded anyways). but there was also a guy who i hadn’t seen in a while and i saw him there! i think he got a haircut. i didn’t realize the restaurant was quite so popular! and there’s a lot of people from school that hang out in the same place my mom works. 

ii. i still haven’t really talked to my (best..?) friend in a while. i miss them. lowkey considering asking them out but that’s scary and also not really fair? they told me they liked me a while ago and i said i didn’t like them like that ..

iii. i am a child. i am a child. i am a child.

iv. my feelings and thoughts make me cringe. i don’t like them but writing them out is probably good and it’s a thing i have to do, i think. but sometimes things i think about are very uncomfortable for me …

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