Accepting the Path

Almost a year ago, I listened, a bit reluctantly, to a psychic telling me about a man who was going to be sent into my life. It would be a kind of love I had never known she said. I remember replying, well I haven’t really decided if I want a man or if I’d like to just be alone for the rest of my life. And I meant that, I was happy with my life. She said, well of course, God gives both of you free will to accept this path or not. She went on to describe him in some detail and I received the message with delight, even if I wasn’t sure I believed her, it was a fun fantasy. This imaginary man’s man, with a falcon on his shoulder (which symbolized something, but I can’t remember what). An exceptionally intelligent, natural leader with his dark hair and half glasses… and I thank God that I opened my heart to the possibility of him… because he is real, in every detail she described. And it really is a kind of love I’ve never known. I can only speak for my own feelings, but just in the last week, I feel like this love is really starting to have some roots inside of me. Each day I look forward to it growing, without any need for pushing or hurrying. No needing to block the other’s sunshine, just the possibility of growing side by side with roots that gradually intertwine. It could end up being quite a beautiful thing…

And I am so grateful.

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  1. So you’ve met this man in person? How wonderful! Be careful of psychics, though. They are not usually safe. I’m glad it worked out for you this time. Glad you feel grateful—that’s such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Bless you!

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