Cats & Dogs

I’ve been trying to pamper the cats, buttering them up for when Rascal comes and their lives are turned upside down.

Dogs and cats can co-exist. Jake and Andy were born in Florida. Their birth home was chaotic. There were 3 cats in the house (plus their litter of 5 kittens), 2 dogs, and 3 small kids. I’m hoping that they remember what life was like with dogs, but I adopted them when they were only 7 weeks old. Chances are Jake & Andy have long since forgotten what dogs are life. 

I expect that Andy will be living under my bed once Rascal arrives. He’s the sweetest guy you’ve ever met, but he hates any changes in his environment. He hates it when we have company over. He hides until they leave. The only new thing he has ever accepted right away was when Tyrion came to live with us.

Jake will either adjust right away or it might take him a day or two. Jake likes to hide in plain sight. He camps out underneath the end tables and watches our every move. He isn’t a very active guy, but he goes ballistic for a toy mouse. As long as Rascal doesn’t slobber over Jake’s mice, Jake will be Mr. Cool. 

Tyrion, I can pretty much guarantee will LOVE the dog. I find that ironic since Tyrion was born into an all cat home & I can’t even begin to give you an accurate count of just how many cats there were. Tyrion’s wilder than life personality was inherited from his 100 % feral father. Tyrion is incredibly playful, loves people, but you can’t pick him up or carry him. Tyrion is a very dominate cat. A full year younger than Jake & Andy, Tyrion rules our house. He’s always the first one to eat at dinner time or use a freshly cleaned box.


So what will 3 lovelies think when Rascal comes home?

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