Day 27 – 30 Days to True Health

Today was kind of a weird day. My original plans for the morning were railroaded. My shopping adventures were disappointing. My mood was off. It was just a weird day. I decided to cut my losses and went to Jenna’s for a visit and a snuggle with the kitties. Those little punks make me happy. We fed them catnip. Hilarious!! They were laid out like Cheech and Chong. Jenna put catnip spray on my socks and they went crazy for them.  My mood instantly went to happy!

I went to Mandi’s for a “little visit” and stayed 4 hours! We laughed and had so much fun. Her new home is cozy and warm; instant comfort. Brittany did a coffee run, made us healthy brownies (or were they muffins) and Sara, Mandi’s cat, sniffed out my catnip socks and was all over them, rolling around and loving me.

How can you not have a great day when there is laughter, happiness and catnip stoned kitties? I felt better and my mood was back on.  Oh, and I owned the IGA tonight. Left there with 344 air miles. That’s right, 344….that’s how it’s done on a Friday night in the local grocery store.

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