Day 27

Much has happened as of late. I stand now at the counter bar in Ossan District tavern. Behind me is some… armored Sylvari, I believe. [Cilvarius]. He seems to be fond of standing near the wall, which is fine by me. There are more pressing matters at hand.

Something is going on with my head. My memories are being tampered with. I learned this the other day while I was digging through my papers on my desk, I found letters to myself, there, journal entries, and other paper scattered about the house.

Here are some:

They are watching again [faded words] not sure [more faded] —————————–tried to run but I may not remember this [more faded]———— Za[faded out] — Faceless found — [faded]

It appears to have been faded by smudges, and I could not recover any more. Though I did find random sheets of paper about. They are the following:

Sheet 1

Someone is messing with my head. I have been under the influence of Mesmer magics before, as was part of my training. I know when my head has been messed with. My memories… are clashing. Some dont make much sense. I keep finding notes within my home. I have writted them. As if I was afraid. As if I knew someone was coming. Who are they, what do they want.
Sheet 2
I think they are a group of Nightmare courtiers. I do not know much about them, but I think they know I know….

Sheet 3

I can’t shake the feeling that I am being watched everywhere I go. I do not feel safe here in Divinity anymore.

Sheet 4

Something is happening to me. I am changing, but I cannot place it. Someone is tampering with me. I cannot figure out whom or what or why. I am very scared…

 Sheet 5 –
 I have been hiding from Blue. I am afraid that if he is around me while this is happening they will hurt him too. What do I do? Do I hire a guard? Do I run? Do I go back to the Grove?
Sheet 6 –
 Blue has noticed that I am different. Ic an feel it too. Something is off. Everything tastes weird. It all feels like a dream. A ream, perhaps. Nothing feels real.
Sheet 7-


I found out who has been doi [faded] ng th-s t- me. It i- th-.
I was right. Something is going on. Something is not good. There are parts of my other personal journal missing. Someone has gone through my things. This is the only place I can keep my thoughts secure. This journal is locked with necromancy blood magic. Only I, can open it. It will only show the words if my blood is used.
Whatever is going on, it involves the Nightmare Court. And seeing as my memories are being wiped repeatedly, surely with things having to do with them, clearly they were onto me, and my curiosity became so much so that I dug too far.

The Sylvari in the back, the armored one [Cilvarius], was staring at me, and it made me terribly uncomfortable. I will write more later, for now, I will enjoy my tea.

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