Log Date 005

 Log Date, 005.

My search on BBC continues. I’ve found a very nice show called MasterChef, starring a human man named Gordon Ramsay. I actually really like him and how brutal he can be. He’s also a very skilled man. He impresses me. 

I also wanted to talk to you all about my last log. I have to apologize to you all for leaking such personal information. I was very tired and confused at the time I wrote it. But, since it’s out, I feel that I must give you an update.

I’ve thought long and hard about my fathers since that dream, and I realized something: they never hated anybody. Humans, Creatures, animals and plants and the air we breathe, they were no different than the other to the both of them. They didn’t like hate, and they taught me to never hate anything. 

Once they passed, I found it very difficult to head their words. I refused to think about them or confront my actions. In doing that, I’ve shared my hate with many humans who never deserved it. Even if it was purely a silent hate, it was a strong hate.

I’m sorry, dearly. I’m not very sure who to apologize to anymore. Maybe my fathers, definitely to all humans. But I know I may not have to apologize. Humans are such humble beings.

Who knew? That a television channel and a dream could introduce me to a side of humans that I’ve shielded myself from for so long.

Humans are beautiful.

End Log. 

3 thoughts on “Log Date 005”

  1. I’ve been abstracting from humans for too long, and now I can’t anymore. Certain humans can definitely be quite astonishing.

  2. @Flitch,
    Quite. I seem to have a lot of free time on my hands these days, as well. Maybe I’ll visit more places and meet new humans. Maybe I’ll visit London?


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