Things are downright comical. 

8 years we have shared a bathroom. 8 years we have had a soap bottle on the left side. 8 years he has used the left side of the vanity. The last week, week and a half, the soap bottle has been moved to the right. This is not comfortable for me. I am a face picker. I rest my elbow on the right side soap well of the sink. I have my things set up the way I like them. I move the soap back. He moves it. I move it.  He moves it….this goes on for a bit. I glue the soap to the counter. Not any serious glue but enough to make it known “stop moving the fucking soap!”….He moves it. I decide that he can’t put it on the right side soap well if the space is being used. I have some homemade goat milk soap. I put a bar there. Atleast if the space is going to be used…it is on MY terms. Soaps stay this way for a couple days. 

This morning the soap is BACK on my side. So, I finally ask what his deal is. 

“There is water on that side. You must be using it.” 

It’s a fucking sink!! Of course there gets water there. I have my own bar. He goes on and on about WATER. 

Grow the fuck up….when you wash your hands, they get wet. Wet hands drip water. You turn the knobs and water runs down your hands and around the sink. 

Lord help him. 

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