Thursday already?

Can’t believe it’s Thursday already. It feels like the Monday was a yesterday. I know I was pretty busy at work all week but don’t really feel like I got done a lot for me. I have been thinking about learning AWS and how to build an app on the top of it for awhile now but I just took the first step last night and haven’t got a chance to get back to it yet since then. There are also other things like going gym every day in the morning but that also did not go well either. I still have so many things in my mind that I want to achieve but some reason I don’t feel like I have enough time for that. Very weird not sure where to look at. At least, I’m getting things done at work. Beautiful sunny day today. It was little chilly but good enough to skate to the office. Work was pretty busy with meetings and projects. Got off at 6:30 PM then drove to Dosung’s place to go have a dinner at Korean BBQ place after. We tried the new place on 8th called Goginara and I was very satisfied for the food we got for the price we paid. Probably one of the best so far! We were going to go see a movie after but ended up just coming back to home and doing a laundry instead. 11:00 PM right now and my laundry will be done pretty soon. Not sure if I will continue to dig in AWS tonight but I know I’m going to go to sleep soon. Goodnight all!

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