Thursday, January 26, 2017

Today was a very anxious day for me but I made it! Today was my last day of drivers ed and i had to take two tests! yep two !!! i was so nervous, but i tried to stay as calm as i could… key word tried. honestly i did well on the tests and realized i had nothing worried about. Im just really happy i dont have to deal with that three hour class after school every day of the week. it was crazy and made me so drained sighpie. On the other hand i feel great because i finally understand how to solve these gravitational force equations and i have a physics final coming up soon along with an ap english midterm… i think i will flop on those but ehhhhhhh its okay. well to end this on a good note. i get to relax and watch a movie :3 then sleep which is very nice. 


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