Thursday January 26th

I had to do absolutely nothing today. Except for meeting my realtor for coffee at 1:00. After that I took some stuff to Goodwill and then went to Target. Gah. That was a haul. I hate to ride buses, so I took the train to 116th street, then walked 1.1 miles to target, then the 1.1 miles back, dragging my damned shopping cart up and down the subway stairs every stinking time. Oh well. I’m thinking I won’t be a regular at Target. I can get on the train and get off at 34th street and KMart is right across the street. I’ll be doing that instead. 

Tomorrow is my drivers license appointment. That’s all I have for tomorrow. Christine and I have plans Sat and Sun, so that will be good. I am getting close to having my apartment lined out. Once I get the bookcase I ordered, I will be able to get the last of the boxes emptied. My bathroom is disgusting. I have to scrub that shit. I may work on it tomorrow after the DMV. I would be embarrassed for anyone to see it the way it is. The week I’m off in February I think I will buy some paint and work on cleaning up some of the yucky spots around my place. I think I need to grab a tube of caulk, too. 

I got on Tinder yesterday. I have talked to a couple of guys on there. There is one I like named Drew and one named Daniel. No dates yet, but Daniel did call me. He seems really smart and kind of nerdy. I like nerdy.

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