well that was fun + happy fire chicken year

today i was allowed to go home early because my period cramps were so horrible that i couldn’t even manage to do my accounting homework or go to my last two classes.

i didn’t take any painkillers this morning because i didn’t start bleeding until after i got to school.

everything was fucking fine until fifth period–english–which is when it started hurting so badly that i couldn’t even sit on the couch and had to crouch on the carpet, dying.

aaaannnd aparently my sort-of-friendish-classmate jf saw me curled up on myself and must have thought i was having some sort of temper tantrum, so she then told her sort-of-by pl who then told my friend jw that i was upset during english. after clearing things up with jw by telling him over wechat that i was not upset but sick as fuck, at least three other people (including jf’s bestie km) must think i was having some sort of emotional breakdown in english class. great.

jw told me to get better and fight them. lol.

it’s super embarrassing that my accounting teacher, my computer programming teacher, the two school nurses, my two tablemates in accounting (the third wasn’t here today), two random girls + a guy in the nurse’s office, and my dad’s family friend (who drove me home because i obviously couldn’t walk anywhere much less for forty minutes) ALL saw me crying and looking like a fucking wreck.

i threw up in the bathroom during accounting. fuck. also, i started crying harder when i realized how kind everyone was being to me. they were so nice to me. my classmate even walked me to the nurse’s. jesus.


i was basically dying, anyway. that’s my whole point here. i was dying. i can’t even remember having cramps THIS bad, ever. fucking hell. this is one of those days when i really almost wish i were a cis boy so i wouldn’t have to have cramps. almost.


my friend js didn’t know what to do about it because she’s said that she’s awkward around feelings and also, she’s one of those lucky fuckers who never have cramps, so she couldn’t really relate.


it’s chinese new year’s today. happy year of the rooster bitches. just kidding. happy year of the rooster, bros. that sounds better. it’s a fire chicken year. fun fact: did you know that the two words for fire and chicken, when used together as a phrase in mandarin, mean “turkey”? well, now you know.


been watching pewdiepie play resident evil 7 recently. it’s fantastic. gory and gruesome and disgusting and horrifying and sick, but fantastic. i feel sorry for pewds having to play it, though. i would probably just nope out of playing a horror game after a few minutes or so.


anyway. i’m tired, y’all. i can’t believe i missed two (four if you count english and accounting because i was dying in them) class periods because of……my period. jesus christ that’s dumb as heck. i’ll also have to face the embarrassment of seeing my teachers and the people who saw me crying, and pretend that nothing happened on friday. ugh. the horror.


time for dinner, got to go. see you guys in a while. how long that while is depends on how bored i am or how much i feel like procrastinating.

4 thoughts on “well that was fun + happy fire chicken year”

  1. I’m a rooster… I looked up “Fire Rooster” online and I didn’t know about the 5 elements that go in a cycle: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Gold (not in that order)

    I’m a water rooster. I read online too that your year is supposed to be unluckiest year… I didn’t need to know that, my 2017 year has been AMAZING so far. BUT now that I read that tidbit online, I fear that minor psychological effects will take ahold and make this year shit? Fuck.

    Anyway, I do not believe in superstition, but I do believe in the psychological powers of the mind. I’ll rationalize my way out of this “bad luck” scenario but yeah, I hated having read that. I didn’t need to know that it was a popular belief.

  2. Also that was an interesting and very personal post that you made… Thanks for sharing that experience.

    I’m now wearing a jade bracelet that has a rooster on it. I found it on top of my cabinet in my room. I’ve had it for years but never wore it, no idea why it would be on top of my cabinet in plain sight like that, maybe my mom put it there. I basically read online that wearing red or jade can ward off bad luck during your zodiac year, then I stood up to look for something red or jade. On top of my cabinet drawers, this jade bracelet; I took a picture and it’ll be in my entry for today.

    Very weird and eerie coincidence how that happened. Not making it up.

  3. Are we twins or something? I’m sorry for your cramps. I almost died yesterday too. It had never hurt like that before. Anyway though, enjoy your day!

  4. im sorry that you were hurting!! i hope you feel better soon! and happy Chinese New Year!! <33

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