Woke up at 9:40. Too late. Had a nightmare and multiple separate dreams. I’ve been getting those a lot lately. Nightmares, that is. Took a long hot shower and washed my hair. Went to a shop with Mum and sis. At home, I made gnocchi with cheese, then Mum went to the pool centre. Grandma came round to pick up some pants of Mum’s that needed to be stitched or something. Made myself ginger-lemon tea. Put laundry to wash. Brushed my teeth. Plucked my eyebrows (that may have been around ten in the morning, but let’s say it was around 5 pm). Packed my bag for school on Monday, tried to figure out Maths for a quiz on Monday. Had some cereal. Went to read a book for English class. Washed my face, brushed my teeth, put my acne cream on, went to bed.

All day, I’ve been texting Brandon. I feel kind of worried and sad. Maybe that’s because my sister has made a Musical.ly. She showed me a video of some guy from her class (an 11-year-old) in one of those videos. My eyes watered. I almost burst into tears. No joke.

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