Friday January 27th

I only had my driver’s license appointment today at 10:45. Nothing else on the schedule. I went back down to the KMart on 34th Street after the DMV. I bought a new toilet seat. The one that was here was gross, and some caulk. When I got home, I scrubbed the kitchen floor with the grout brush I ordered from eBay. I literally wore the brush out. I need to do the bathroom- walls and floor, but I will need a new brush. I ordered two more of them today. I don’t want to have anyone over until I get the bathroom clean and I get the bookshelf I ordered so I can get rid of the last of the boxes. Once that’s done, I can be open for business. 

I have been Tindering again today. I talked to 3 different guys. I’m trying to keep them straight. Two of them live really close to me. One lives over Home Goods, and the other lives one subway stop down from me. The one that lives over Home Goods… I’m not so sure about. He has 2 small kids and I don’t think is divorced completely. The one that lives a subway stop down is really cute. Seems smart, too. The third guy is a teacher, Ben. He’s at a private school. We would likely have a lot to talk about. I’m also on Bumble BFF looking for friends. 🙂 Haha. I’m trying to serve myself up a new life on the interwebs. 

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