4 thoughts on “good morning everybody!!”

  1. Hi, can I ask you a question? Are Christmer and Chismin both characters that you invented? Just curious!

  2. @PrettyInBlack, (Yes, they are! I was hoping someone would figure that out soon. These little blogs are basically just what they would do if they had blogs, and could do whatever they want. Thank you for asking!)

  3. Oh, wow, that’s such a nice idea! Cool way to get to know your characters better 🙂

    Are they pronounced “CHRIST-mer” and “CHEE-min” or something else? How do you say their names?

    And are their icons what they look like? If so, that’s sooo adorable, love it <3

  4. @PrettyInBlack, (Thank you so much!!
    And their names are pronounced just the way they’re spelt. Like, Chistmer is ‘Chist’ as in ‘Chest’ but with an ‘ih’ sound instead of an ‘eh’ sound. And ‘mer’ as in mermaid.
    Chismin is ‘Chis’ as in ‘Chess’ but with an ‘ih’ instead of an ‘eh’ sound. And ‘min’ as in mini.
    And yes, it is! Ahhh thank you so much! They appreciate u)

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