Log Date 006

Log Date, 006.

Today was certainly odd. The urges haven’t been as appearant today as much as other days. It was quite the “emotional rollercoaster”, as some put it. I watched a little more BBC, a very good channel that I would recommend, and realized how much I missed watching television. I haven’t done it in a very long time. Upon further searching, I’ve also found the Vice channel. Another very nice channel filled with very interesting shows.

I’ve had another chunk of time to think tonight, as well. I really like this website. It’s peaceful, relatively silent and empty. It doesn’t feel desolate, but it’s quiet, for the most part. 

Well, I’m done rambling for now. I’ll check up on you all very soon. Goodnight, everybody.


End Log.

2 thoughts on “Log Date 006”

  1. I really miss having cable, have netflix but its not the same lol! Want to watch the news, or programs as they happen and not after season over lol

  2. You should try some Doctor Who as well. I love that show.
    Glad you’re better, bud.

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