I’m really really proud of myself, kind of hahah. 

I JUST FINISHED MY MATH HOMEWORK. Seriously I haven’t done a single math assignment since probably 9th grade… I got my older sister (whom I’m not close with but want to be close with) to come here and help me. She is basiclly a genious (compared to me) when it comes to math and well, she made everything sound so easy. When I said I would get my grades up, I was serious.

Also right now It’s really important for me to start taking school seriously. The course I want to get into, has changed now and the class there is small. Since It’s a “studiespes” course now that means more people are trying to get in there. My grades are not good enough compared to the others trying to get in there, so I need to get my shit together and find a way to get in there without a problem!



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