Wish For A True Friend

I have many friends ,but none are true. I don’t know if anyone will understand ,but most of my friendships are only there because that person wants something from me or want to cheat off me at school. For example I’m in an advanced math class and another student sits next to me and always ask me for the answers to question even if it’s their homework or test.  Mostly because I am almost the fastest student and pretty much always gets the question right. Then one day I stopped giving answers and he moved seats.

One thought on “Wish For A True Friend”

  1. Hi SkyeRosedragon,
    One of the first lessons you come to realize as you continue to experience life is that having a true friend is hard to come by. You are right in that most people are selfish and are always looking to see what you can give them. But not everyone is like that-there are a few people who are genuine and truly good people who have good intentions. You will come across someone you can eventually trust and call a true friend. Have an open mind, be respectful in your interactions with people, and be true to yourself. Good luck

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