Work Stress

I found another job, had the interview on Tuesday and tomorrow I have to go to orientation.  I was supposed to work but I called them and told them that I didn’t want to work with this client anymore (In Home Care) for a variety of reasons.  So now I can go to orientation to the nursing home I am starting at! I almost had a panic attack calling to tell them that I wouldn’t work tomorrow and wasn’t going to work with him at all anymore.  I told them I got another job but when I find out my schedule I would let them know so maybe get a different client to work with.  There is quite a few reasons I don’t wanna work with him anymore.  For starters the person is going to move soon and its couple states away, but mostly it is because he offends me with crap he says.  He told me he was a boss one time and would tell him workers that they need to go to work regardless of the reason.  But the one that made me get offended was he said that just because somebody dies-family or not, that the person should go to work anyways if they are scheduled…he said somebody said they were going to go to Louisiana where they are from because his father had passed away…boss response, “So? Not much you can do for him now.”  That is really insensitive.  But another reason I get offended is because he says that “Chubby Chasers” – people who like bigger people- go for them because they are self conscious/don’t think they can do better more or less.  WTF?!?! I am a big girl and my hubby lot smaller than me so I got offended.  Like just because we bigger does not mean there is something wrong with us!!  He also told me that he wouldn’t trust a person to give him care, help, medications if they have tattoos and piercings because they are untrustworthy and unprofessional!  I have 10 tattoos and 18ish piercings (piercings are from neck up lol) so I got offended!!  Also there is no making him happy, always doing something wrong.  Tells me how to do something and then if I don’t do it right I get lectured!  Then he changes it up when I do it right.  No pleasing him.  He is also unable to move anything from neck down so we have to give him water, other drinks, food, cigarettes, etc…sometimes he smokes 10 an hour…like seriously take a break!  Then if weather is bad outside he says we still need to go to work…almost wrecked few times one day trying to get to work in the ice and snow.  So I am just ready to start this other job!  I’ll have work more days a week but the amount of hours will be the same.  I work 3 days/12 hour days…and I get worn out by the time the day is finished.  He is around the clock care so somebody comes in when we supposed get off and both shifts (day/night) has to clean there whole apartment, like seriously why does your house need be cleaned twice a day?  And he gets a 2 hour massage twice a day and an hour of ROM twice a day…and we cant take breaks during it…yea for $12 an hour we do A LOT.  But guess we will see what happens. 

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