1/29/2017- End of Vacation

It’s three days away until the 1st of February, possibly the day I end up going back to studying without a break until summer. I’m a bit excited to start off this new semester.A bit nervous too. 

I’ve thought of this silly idea, or rather, been trying to use it. Making a bit of funds online using one of my games. I’m good with patterns and matching textures and such, so I’ve made a hobby out of it and a bit of a practice/challenge to try to improve my abilities in that area. Most people seem to like how I have designed most of what I post in the forums there, which is good. I’ve never had someone like something that I can take credit for.(At least not in a while) I find it fun, maybe interior design sounds like a good idea for when I am older. Doing something for a job that involves having to work with patterns and such, to create something that can look good.

I’m very excited. It feels like I’ve opened a door to a possible career later in the future. If I could at least find something I like, which I have, then that’s a good start.

I haven’t been feeling good the past two days, possibly a fever. I haven’t been as active when I exercise, talk to my friends, study, or write in my journal. I don’t want to give up on journal writing. It’s possibly what’s kept me from slacking off, it’s given me more of an ability to focus on what’s important and leave my worries in writing, to save for another time.


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