Day 29 – 30 Days to True Health

Sunday…’s kinda like every other day for me now, but it still feels different. It used to be the day of the week I dreaded most. The angst of knowing Monday was soon here, back to work, back to my anxiety and nervous mind.  But now, Sunday is relaxing and enjoyable and technically my rest day. All I commit to is one hour of yoga at 3:15pm; the rest of the day is whatever I feel like doing. Today it was active.  Tearing out old floor, cooking, tidying and a glorious walk in the evening. 

I spent a good deal of time getting organized and finding information I will need in the upcoming days and weeks to expand and flourish my new opportunity. I love doing it!! When your passion collides with your life, there is an abundance of joy you didn’t even know existed.  That’s how I feel today. 

How do I possibly show the amount of gratitude in my heart?  Is thank you enough? ❤

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