Gotta love LA

January/29/2016 1:46 PM in LA

I just came back from hiking at Griffith park. I gotta love this city where I can go to hiking in the January with shorts and short sleeve t-shirt. The weather was so nice today it made me feel so good and refreshed. I’m about to go out again to the Venice beach to skate around. This weather makes me want to go out and do something. Didn’t even have time to go to church today but I want to be outside today and do some physical activities.

Just writing down couple things I have it in my mind.

  • Learn and set up static web page on AWS
  • Finish watching tutorial videos
  • Get back to auto save feature
  • Revise writing about dashboard

Well, pretty much the same list from last year lol. Hopefully, I get back to those when I get home after this. Have a good day all!

Went out to Venice beach for skating. Help Ashley doing her research about her product. Also met up with other skaters who I haven’t seen for a while. Fun time skating around the beach in a beautiful day. Really like the beach vibe there which makes me wanna move to west side. Had taco for dinner at the Venice beach and back home around 7:30 PM. 8:07 PM right now. I will try to get the static page up on AWS.

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