Happy Friday

Beautiful day! Skating to work was a lot of fun when it’s nice outside. So glad to be here in LA to be able to do this in the January. Work was good and busy. The walk with Anton in the morning was pretty good and helped me stay focused rest of the day. Like I said before, making life time friends here at my work and the city of Los Angeles is one of the biggest goals I have right now. Always nice to get to know people! Today, I was going to get off around 5 PM but ended up till after 7 PM lol. Started to helping my colleagues and that took couple hours to get done. Glad we made it work tho. Skated back home then drove to Santa Monica for the Friday night skate. We took a different route today that I have never been before. Santa Monica, Sawtelle, and south of Westwood. We skated almost 15 miles today for 2 and a half hours. I stopped by at Mcdonalds after the skate cause some reason I was craving for it lol. Back home and slept around 1 AM.

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