S’up diary? I’m not sure I like the new layout much. Red was more comforting to be honest, and now the app keeps crashing so I’m writing this online. 

I got an app for meditation. Remember when I got headspace? I’m not sure if I told you. I wanted to start using this one instead, because it’s cooler and it has great reviews, but I’ll only be using the free parts. Not sure you should have to pay to live happily though. It’s Sunday and I really don’t want to go to school tommorow. ☹️ Stupid. 

As for GCSE I’m thinking of taking history, sociology and Physcology.  I know. It’s a lot of writing. And it’s not Ebacc. But I want to enjoy my GCSEs more then worry about them, so… yeah. Night xx

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  1. I agree you should enjoy yourself more and I hope the classes you take help that. I hope school goes better and you begin to enjoy it.

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