Yesterday King wanted to talk. Not listen, just talk. Point fingers, accuse and drag the kids in. Do what you want with me..DO NOT bring my babies into it. These boys are gonna need therapy. I do my best. So, after degrading me for a good 30 min, he starts asking the kids “what doed mom do all day?” 

Mind you, King is in school and doesn’t come home till 4. The kids are in school and don’t come home till qtr to 4. The kids all pipe up “she sits on the couch and plays on her phone all day!” and then have the nerve to ask me about dinner. 

I am on the couch sobbing. King is going on about how the kids don’t respect me. How do they learn to respect when their dad doesn’t do it? He goes on about how I don’t dicipline them. Anytime I make an attempt to make a decision, he says no. Why bother? 

I am told I do NOTHING. So that is what I am doing. They asked me to play with them last night. I told them no. They asked about dinner. I told them to talk to dad. They wanted me to read to them that night. Nope. So I ran down the list. 

Don’t ask me to take you to jujitsu

Don’t ask me to take you to game night at school or any other school function. 

Don’t ask me to come see you get an award at school. 

Zipper broken on your jacket…I’m not replacing it. 

I don’t care if we are out of milk. I don’t drink the shit anyways. 

You need school snack, sorry bout your luck. 

I told them, you respect dad. You do what he asks so I will act more like him now. I will ask you once and then send you to bed when you don’t do it. Leave your toys out, I’m not asking twice..I will just burn it. 

Today I got up. My children came out and gave me a hug saying “good morning mom, I love you.”  They played and asked me of I still wasn’t doing anything. I said Yup. (This kills me by the way) 

My middle boy comes out and starts to tear up.”I didn’t think you would ever do this to us.” 

Do what? “Do nothing, stop doing things for us.” I told him I was very sorry but seeing as the do not appreciate what they do and insist that I don’t do anything, I have stopped all of it so maybe they will see. The youngest comes out now with a sad face. “We see it now momma.” I told them how hurt I am. How frusturated I get that I do everything for everyone and I get treated like dirt. 

Meanwhile, King is gone. He comes home with his arms full. Household supplies! Laundry soap! Dryer Sheets! TP! Milk, a new trash can, bread OH MY! Then…THEN  He did the unthinkable! He did the morning dishes AND cleaned the kitchen. I have NEVER seen him clean! He even told the boys he was going to make them Italian sausage and pasta for dinner. 

A girl can get used to this! 

I think I will let them sweat for the rest of the day. I miss doing everything for them. I love my ungreatful family more than anything in the world. 

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