i’m you but more stressed

list of things i have to get done by tomorrow:

precal stuff. missed the class on friday because of my cramps.

english stuff. last test on the last bit of grapes of wrath.

physics stuff. simple harmonic motion quiz monday.

geography project. huge thing due on monday.

history review. big test on tuesday, lots of stuff to remember.

accounting stuff. didn’t finish last lesson on friday bc cramps.

clearance for my absence on friday. i forgot to give my early dismissal pass to my precal teacher–i was hurting so badly that i didn’t think about why they gave me the pass, i just wanted to go home–so she marked me as absent. don’t blame her.

programming. i have to ask my teacher first thing monday about what we did on friday, because i missed her class, too. although she saw me being sick and crying and all, since her room is next to my accounting class, and she comes in all the time to talk to my accounting teacher.

twitter. gotta get one for my vocab tutoring job. dear god help me.

my english blog post for the week. it’s probably going to be somewhere around 3000 words when i’m done with it. we got a sentence, and had to make a story out of it. mine is set during a zombie apocalypse. i love it. maybe i’ll link it to this site when it’s done. or maybe not. privacy reasons and all.

stress, stress baby.

2 thoughts on “i’m you but more stressed”

  1. oowwww, that sounds like a lot of work! but you’re smart!! i know you can do it! But its okay to be stressed and I hope you feel better soon!! <3

  2. That’s a lot of stuff, but I’m sure you can do it! Transform stress into the feeling of motivation and productivity, it helps c:

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