So story time… I met this boy (lets call him 1) through my best friend and we were just simply friends for a while. Then i dated his best friend (calling him 2) for about 7 months but shit happened and we broke up. But while we were dating 1&2 became enemies and weren’t friends anymore. but of course, a few months after the breakup they are friends again. So 1 still talked to me, just casual talk. Over time he started to be flirty to me. I kinda flirted back but not too much. Prom was right around the corner and I thought I had a perfect opportunity so I decided to ask him because why not. So he came with me, it was a fun night. We remained friends until one day we were driving him home and he texted me (WHILE WE WERE SITTING NEXT TO EACHOTHER) saying that he “hated this” I replied “hate what” and he said “having a crush on you.” And at that moment I knew I was fucked. Like I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and I didn’t really want to get into another one. Especially so soon. So I told him exactly how I felt. He tried to tell me that getting into another relationship would be good for me and it would help me forget about my last. But that’s not how everyone works. So again, we remained friends. To this day he still flirts with me and calls me babe and hot and all those goodie things. But like he’s a ladies man so he talks to a lot of girls. And I know i’m not the only one, so when he flirts with me I totally just ignore it and change the topic So today he was snap chatting me and said something flirty and, like always, I ignored the comment. So he got all butt hurt and says “I try and flirt with you all the time and you ignore me even though your single like wtf” so now he’s saying that he’s not gonna talk to me at all anymore bc i won’t flirt with him. and it has me geeking. like yeah he’s a nice boy and all but there’s things i know about him that make me not want to date him. i don’t know. it’s just hard to explain. But he’s a good friend, likes to have deep convos and it would kinda suck to lose him as a friend. Anyone have any suggestions… :/

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