My Bestfriend Is Amazing

Today I went to see my bestfriend and her band preform at our local city stage. 

I went there along with my other bestie, and well on our way there, suddenly we found out that we need to pay for the entrance. None of us brought any money, since we are both young and broke. Since we couldnt get through the main entrance, we just went through the back door, were the ones preforming go in. My bestfriend on the inside ofcourse helped us, and we got to hid in the back behind everyone seated. 

When It all started, people stopped flowing in, and we could finallys settle down in a seat at the back. The part of the entire show was incredibly boring, and my bestie was probably asleep the entire time. I ofcourse stayed awak enjoying those few people that actually played the instruments really good, and I really just came to see my bestfriends band to be honest.

Then, third last band coming on stage. Guess what, my previous extreme crush was one of the two guitarists there. And my heart literally just melted. Been a long time since I’ve seen him. Ofcourse, I have never talked to him. But still, it was so nice just fangirling alittle. 

THEN FINALLY, my bestfriend. Their band just goes on stage, she walks up last. I get my camera ready, start filming and I end up filming with both my big camera and my phone. The first song, they were good and the song was an old classic. She wasnt the only singer there tho, there was two others also. I didn’t get to hear how strong her voice really is there. But, clearly she was the only one of them who really looked like they enjoyed being there singing. She truly felt the music and it was amazing to just sit there and watch her. Then on their third and last song. It exploded! The two other singers ended up being background singers and my bestfriend had all the attention on her. Her voice was so rough and so good fitting to the song. Her voice was so strong and loud. The entire audience was amazed. Her voice was the best of all the singers that have been on the show. She was the only one out of the singers with such a gifted voice, such talent! I couldnt help but feel so proud. ITS MY BESTFRIEND OMG

Then I started wondering. Its really clear that her voice will get her far. She almost has a guaranteed chance of success inside the music business. Its only an amount of time until you see her on tv, she just has to work herself bigger. So wondering. When her career blows up, will I be a part of that? When she is big and successfull, will I still be her bestfriend? Are we standing be eachothers side still, even though we have completely different goals in life?

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  1. I hope so, Maria. She sounds really special. A best friend is a wonderful thing. Glad you enjoyed the concert!~

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