What DO You See?

Tell me what you see
When you look at me
Do you know where I begin?
Have you reached inside
Where my thoughts reside?
Have you touched the soul within?

Though emotions show
You will never know
What I’m feeling in between
If you miss that part
Of my restless heart
That reveals where I have been.

You’ll find moments there
I could never share
You’ll hear songs I’ve never sung
And you’ll know what cost
Were the loves I’ve lost
By the dreams I’ve left undone

You’ll find words unsaid
Tears I haven’t shed
Many fears I’ve never shown
But the biggest part
Of my restless heart
Holds the emptiness I’ve known

It’s the shell you see
When you look at me—
You must search the soul within
Reach beyond my pride
To what lies inside
For it’s there that I begin.

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