Slow Saturday

I thought it will be a very busy Saturday but ended up not lol. Woke up around 9 AM then wasted couple hours on the bed just playing with my cell phone. Well, I really need to do something about this. Seems like I’m wasting a lot of time just playing with a phone doing something that are not productive at all. I rather just watch AWS tutorial videos for that time. Went to lunch with Nikita to East India Grill on La brea. My second time there and I was very satisfied for the food by the price I paid. Back home around 1 PM? Finally saw the Passenger that I have been wanting to see for weeks at home then became very lazy for the rest of the day. Just went out to get Korean street food at Ktown at around 8 PM and stayed home rest of the day. Watched another movie and just fell asleep. Feel guilty for being lazy all day and not not spending time on learning new things but it’s nice to do have days like this some times. The problem is I seem to have these days too much lately lol. Anyways, a good relaxing Saturday for me.

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