that pushed aside feeling.

When someone gets so attached to two different people yet wants to be with both. Is that not having your cake and eating it too? 

Here’s some back story;

my boyfriend recently came to me and told me he had been talking to someone else and wanted to bring them into our relationship. At first I thought nothing really of it, as every time we had discussed this topic in the past it was about us bringing something new to our relationship (becoming swingers – to spice up our lives a little) 

But now it’s progressed into him actually liking this girl as well as myself and him trying to get us to interact. I’m not going to say I didn’t try to be a friend or at least talk but wouldn’t anyone else feel awkward… If your boy or girlfriend brought someone else in to share the bed at night? 

I recently went through finding out my body likes to get pregnant but not keep it… As i just had a miscarriage for the second time. 

I may be open to having someone else around but it was just yesterday I found out I had a miscarriage and the next night he brought this girl over to hangout and sleepover. 

I feel rather replaced or defective to be perfectly honest. 

Sorry guys this post is more of a rant/I need to get things off my chest. 

Feel free to give me any advice , comment etc.


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