The crush

If you already didn’t know, middle school sucks. It especially sucks when your crush doesn’t like you back and even worse, likes both of your best friends. Its so hard! I’ve been crushing on him since the first day. That first day  on the bus ride home I was telling my best friend (who looks like a model)  all about him and right then she got a friend request from him on Instagram.  I waited for mine but it never came. Six months later and I still haven’t got one. Later into the year I became friends with a girl in my seventh hour and now were best friends too.  Shes a cheerleader and also just as model like as my other best friend. Apparently J (my crush) was there too. L (my cheerleader friend) were kinda talking and hanging out together. Its so obvious she likes him, so I told her I was completely over him, even though i’m not.

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