01/30/2017 17:16 Tired

Well I’ve been at my boyfriend’s, without a job, for a month now and it finally happened. He’s tired of me. I am honestly surprised it took this long. I suppose really it happened yesterday and he’s just annoyed with me today. Yesterday I woke up from a sex dream about him and started kissing him and telling him about it and he laughed saying he had been having one too. At first he seemed really into it, but about mid way through he sort of stopped and started to lose his erection. He said it wasn’t me, but how could it not be. Right? Well I spent almost all of that day telling him it’s okay and stuff. By the end of the day he was back to himself. But today when I suggested we go grocery shopping he started telling me about how he hopes I find work soon since he can’t afford to buy all the food I want to cook him. On one hand I completely understand and was sort of waiting on this, on the other I was mad because he’s an artist and doesn’t have a regular job either, and I only suggested it because he asked me to think of food I would enjoy cooking for him. Now I feel like I’m just a burden and feel like a waste of space. Since he’s so worried about it I won’t be eating anymore while I’m here. On top of all of that I still haven’t been able to go to work and am currently $50 short of paying my rent. I have no idea what I’m going to do, but I’ll find a way. I hope.

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