110, a day

It’s a good day. Mentally I am in a good place. Better than of late. My diet has been horrible and I’m feeling it.  But on this very cold morning I went for a short run outside with soft snowflakes coming down.  It was very pretty. I made myself a healthy breakfast and lunch. Kids and husband were all good this morning as well. Listened to some positive music and meditations for positivity. Came to work feeling so productive. And now I am at a stop. I started 1 task. Only to be interrupted by other tasks and one of them being time sensitive. I have a very hard time switching gears. The time-sensitive task has to take priority even though I don’t want to stop what I am doing. This is such a common theme for me. Maybe it’s my suspected/self-diagnosed ADD. How do I navigate this?

Took S to his first tourney this season. He went 2 and 3. 1st match was easy. 2nd match was hard.  His opponent was taller than him and he didn’t know how to work his strategies with someone with long arms and legs. He was ready to quit the sport altogether after his 2nd loss.  But he came around and said he didn’t want to quit. I think I need to find him some more competition to practice with. Our club is small and casual. He needs something bigger and a little more serious.

D went to a friend’s to sleep over on Sat night. It worked out well since we had to take S to the tourney early yesterday. She spent the day with her friend. I got to lunch and shop with a friend for a while on Sat afternoon. My back is getting better. Just comes and goes at this point.

We are looking for a vacation place. I found one I like. We are both afraid to commit. If the weather is bad it will be a very long week. If the weather is good like last year then we won’t want to leave after a week.  Waaa, waaaa, waaa…….such a 1st world problem.  I feel like a real whiner when I get hung up on something as trivial as this.

OK….I’m back after “gettin’er done” as the saying goes. I got 2 things cleared off my desk. Ready to tackle the next. And another gets added.  2 steps forward, 1 step back…..

H travels this week. Just til Wednesday. Will be quieter at home in the evening without the drone of the TV that H always has on. I like the break from that. Meals and bedtimes will be a little looser. Only because I know D and S will miss him and I try not to put any undue stress on them when he is away.  

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