1st Entry

So this is my 1st entry. Never done any type of journaling before; just wanted a place to start writing my thoughts. I have a stepson that just turned 18 yesterday but acts like a 13 year old, on a good day! I’m sure all mom’s feel like this at some point, but this is new for me. Stepson (we’ll call Jamie) only came to live with us in December last year, so this is all new to me. Plus, I know that I am a very particular type of person; I guess you could call me type A personality: I like things done a certain and in a timely fashion. This boy comes from his mom’s where he was 1st born but the only boy, so it seems like he never had to do anything for himself. His sister is less than a year younger than him, so it appears his mother left her in charge and responsible for things. Maybe it’s just how I was raised: I was in-charge of the entire families (5 ppl total) laundry by the time I was 12; was always in-charge when parents were around, responsible for making sure all the chores were done, not just mine; had to cook dinner at least once a week (just something easy like spaghetti or hamburger helper). I resented it at times, but couldn’t be more grateful to know how to do these things once I was on my own. I try to help Jamie out with these things now, but he shows no interest in learning and I have no time (or patience) for disinterest. If he don’t care, and his mom didn’t care, why should I? His father, my husband, is also a very lazy parent, which I knew he would be (thus why we never had children together). I just fell as though I should not be the one putting the most effort into this boy, but someone needs to, right…?

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