Air: released.

Hello. My name is…let’s say. Jack. I’m not a native English speaker. I speak…something else. I live in Western Europe.
Why did I make an account? Not because of verbal exhibitionism or textual masturbation. I already write enough in my daily work and I am paid for speaking to people.
It is just that I needed a place to drop some thoughts that keep sticking in my head. Which I don’t want to talk the misses about. Why? Because I don’t like repeating stuff, it makes it happen again in my head. Plus, she is the type of girl getting upset/concerned herself, rather than comforting me. Which makes me more uneasy then before. And she remembers everything. As such: long live the internet. And hello there!

One thought on “Air: released.”

  1. Welcome Jack and I hope this site is as helpful with managing those thoughts and feelings for you as it has been me.

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