Day 337 – Organising and second semester

Sunday, January 29th 2017

Today was made up of plenty of organising.

I took my time organising various things such as stuff on the server or my binders for next semester.

Yeah. That’s it. The rest I watched YouTube.

At some point I suppose I can mention is that one of the owners pointed out how a player seemed to be rude without knowing. She said she wanted to tell her without being attacked, so I said I’d do it instead. Very nicely and saying things such as “I don’t mean to be rude” to take down the blow, I told them that their way of typing can be viewed as rude. They thanked me for advising them and that they’d be more careful in the future. Points for being a super nice shy girl; I can easily tell people things they might not want to hear and they won’t feel attacked.

So tomorrow I start my first semester. I begin with psychology with a teacher Kohai really likes and wish she had. I then have French with Kohai, art with my last year’s teacher (which I hate and enjoy, since I already know what she’s going to be like and the exam will be easy, but she isn’t an art teacher, so I don’t learn as well) and English with some teacher that I haven’t met yet. I think this semester could be good. Not bothered by if I have friends in any of the classes if I don’t, though group projects would be annoying in that case. I don’t like group projects with people I don’t know, mostly cause I don’t know how they work or if I can trust them.

I’m excited though. I can actually use my locker for once although it’s in the portable and I only have one class in the portable. I’ll figure out something.

That’s all for today.

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