Drama, drama, and more drama

So one of my 2 best friends are mad at me, all bc I MIGHT not e able take her to her Dr appointment.  I am starting a new job and its not like I can tell them when I want to work.  I need this job and she isn’t going pay my bills, she can’t even pay her own.  Told her today that I would try and see if I could start Wednesday. So as usual when she don’t get her way she acts like a self centered b*tch.  Says I told her I would take her.  No I didn’t, she volunteered me as usual.  And god forbid she takes a bus or something.  None of her other friends want to drive her because they get sick of her always needing rides!  I have taken her to her appointments the last 6 times.  I told her to the first one because she needed it and since then she asks me when I can take her and what time, I didn’t offer!!  So more or less she says that I’m f*cked up because she has had go to 7 appts and I said I’d take her and blah blah blah.  These are her words, “No biggy just 7 months and this shitty diet down the drain! My whole future gone.”  I didn’t know dieting consisted with eating whatever you want and laying/sitting watching TV or playing on your phone a diet…WTF?!?!  But ok whatever, so immature.  Wish I could depend on everybody else to take me where I want/need to go!!  All because I said I don’t know if could take her since might have to start work and that I would find out tomorrow and let her know.  But she says not to worry about it because I “threatened” her…no I said that I would ask my boss about not working on Tuesday but if she was going to act like that then I wouldn’t bother.  Not sure whats so threatening about that but ok…anyways going to sleep.  Havent slept that much this past week because been so stressed out and couldn’t sleep…if I don’t take some kind of sleeping medication I will be awake until 3 or 4 in the morning.  Good night all!

2 thoughts on “Drama, drama, and more drama”

  1. I know where you are coming from. I’ve had the same problem in the past. Once you offer to give someone a ride it’s like it becomes an obligation. To them that is. Sometimes that’s the only time I get a call. I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I never offer to give anyone a ride home from work because of this same reason. Did she at least offer you gas $$?

  2. She rarely offers gas money bc she don’t have it. When she does offer I usually say no because of fact she doesn’t have money or a job. So if take it I feel bad

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