It’s ok.

I just want you to know that

I care you so much.

Are you remind everything?

I can’t stand the most with us to go.

I face a dilemma.

Should I stay and be good to you,

or walk away and stoping care about you?

I have to decide which way to go.

I know , you don’t care about me, I should walk away from you.

Although I’ve done everything for you, you never see it.

Although I’m aware of this truth , I still hesitate whether to stay or go.

A part of my mind tells me to walk away, but another part tells me not to do it.

because I know I will feeling bad.

A word of goodbye doesn’t have to be said.

I just walk away from you and never look back.

That would be an easy way. I would not feel hurt anymore 

Just stop caring you and endure a great sorrow only one time.

What should I do? How should I go on.

                                                                                                                       HUANG MINGYA

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