Is it Possible?

Dear Journal,

I am trying to put my words down again. I used to write and then took some much needed time off for myself. I have had a couple family issues to deal with and after 2 years could finally be settling down. My youngest and grandson now live with me. After 9 years of abuse she and my grandson got away. The man is missing and the police can not find him. THANK goodness!! GOODBYE forever…lets hope.  My daughter and grandson are protected now! Now the healing begins, and the nightmare is long over.  MY daughter now suffers from PTSD, and we are getting her all the help she should need.

I been chatting with a friend online now, for maybe 2 weeks, but it appears in the last week, we both have very strong love feeling towards each other. IS this possible? I think it is!!! I have been alone for 27 years now, and him for little over 3 years. I adore the man, and he adores and loves me. We continue to chat. We plan to meet up in 2 months when he gets back from work….I guess then time will tell if its love, I am very insecure…..but I trust him.



Beautiful sunny but cold day here. January sunshine is so strong. Had errands this morning, glad to be back home. Was, going to for my walk, but the wind is just nasty, so will put off till tomorrow.  Have other things to keep me busy.

I want to keep writing it sooths my soul.



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