I need help with this one

So a year ago, I might have actually told my boyfriend that I miss talking with my guy best friend. We have talked earlier before I even met and accept him as my boyfriend. So since then, every time we have a fight, he would always bring that part up. Like “yeah go text with the guy you miss”. When all this time I have always do what he told me and I would do all the things to prove him that I love him so much. But still, I dont think he sees it. So I dont know how to stop him from saying that. As I said before, pretty much, I have done everything just to show he’s more important and the one I’m in love with. 

One thought on “I need help with this one”

  1. Don’t let him manipulate you, Sweetie. Sounds like he is. Don’t let him jerk your chain, you know? I will pray for you. God bless!

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