I’m fat

I’m fat, it’s the truth. I know exercising takes time, patience, and a lot of work, and I’m not going to get results overnight.

I can’t help it though, lately that’s all I can think of.I went exercising about thirty minutes ago and I passed by where my parent’s were a few times. It’s hard enough exercising because I’m so embarrassed by even knowing I’m 145 pounds and people can see it. When I’m out walking or jogging I can’t help but feel so self-conscious. My mother said she could see the “fat melting off of me”  really loudly as I was walking and was laughing about it with my father. It’s just embarrassing.  I feel fat and I look it. I just want to feel pretty or beautiful. I don’t want people to just tell me that, I want to feel it and look it.

I hate myself for being so unmotivated to exercise, and I’m trying my best. I’m embarrassed by myself, and I hate my body. I’ve tried loving myself. I used to.

Every time I exercise, I just give up since it’s useless.

2 thoughts on “I’m fat”

  1. I, on the contrary, am very tall and skinny. Exercising won’t help in my case, I remember when I was younger I used to be “The Fatty”. Then, about five years ago, I started rapidly losing weight. Now no matter how hard I try, I can’t gain it anymore. I’m 6′ 4″ and weigh 120 lb.
    So, contrary to the popular belief, losing weight is easier than gaining it.
    Indeed, motivation helps. While pointlessly wasting my time on the internet I’ve found a website where you pay them some money and they say something like “lose 50 pounds in three months” or something, and if you do, they pay you more than you originally paid.
    And I personally think it’s easier to lose weight with some kind of diet (stay away from starving), that technically lets you eat everything (with a few exceptions), just in smaller portions.

    Of course, it’s quite rude to say such things out loud (oh look who’s talking), especially if there are other people who could hear it. Especially if that’s your mother.

  2. @Flitch
    Lucky, I’m only 5ft, haha.-.-
    I am working on it though, and I eat relatively healthy. 🙂
    I heard they have an app that pays you to lose weight, but I’m not sure how that works exactly, so never checked it out.(Might do it later on)
    I feel a lot better today and managed to exercise a bit, so I feel a bit better today.

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