Light switch

Well..we need therapy. 100%

After King came home with all the shopping, I broke down crying. I have been an emotional werck and to top off, Imma start my peirod soon. Double whammy. I went in the room and asked for a hug. He asks me why in a grumpy tone. I told him I could really use one. I wanted one. I needed one from him. He gives me this half hug, then whole hug, then the hug that puts back all the broken bits. I told him he is my world. My person.  That I don’t set out to do harm. I would not intentionally piss him off. I told him we need help. We need to learn how to have an effective argument. He just held me. Kissed me on top of my head and let go. I sat down in the living room. He came out and told me I had a box of shit in the trunk of his car that he wanted out. It’s taking up space he needs for tools. 

Box of shit of mine? I thought I had everything out. He insisted I have stuff in his car. Hr still has a grumpy voice. Okay…whatever..I’ll go get it. Open the trunk and see there is a box wrapped in a jacket. Good sized box too. Pull the jacket off. It’s the Brother quilting sewing maching I have been drooling over for over a year. WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK. Now I’m pissed. You can’t buy forgivness….or can you?  King only understands money. His time in an actual family growing up was all about who got you the most expensive gift. We have already talked about this.  He figures that buying something nice and useful, I can see that he loves me. I may have not mentioned in any of my entries…..10 years we have been together and he has told me he loves me 8 times. 

Back to the sewing maching. I break down. I’m crying and yelling at him askin him what his problem is. He plays it off like he bought it a few weeks ago..that is a crock. I go through his finances. He tells me that he is sure this was the one I have been wanting. Yes, it is but this is bullshit. You act like an ass for a MONTH. We were arguing last night and he pulls this shit. Poor guy (not really) has no idea what is going on. I am happy all while yelling at him about what an asshole he is.  He says he can take it back and get me some shitty flowers instead. 

His nosy ass heard me talking to his step mom and my mom on the phone. The conversation with my MIL was about getting some of my FILs shirts so I can make them a quilt.  The convo with my mom was about how I plan on making this quilt but I need a new maching.

For being as big of an ass as he is. Such and emotionally void douche. A toddler. Manchild. He is thoughtful. He pays attention. He drives me insane.

He does this shit and it’s the flip of a switch. On. Off. Off. On.  

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