My job interview. By: an awkward introvert

Last saturday I had an job interview.

I have no experience.
He asked if I like chatting with people. I said yes. I lied.
He asked if I had passion for making coffee. I said I like making coffee for my parents.
He will call me tomorrow.

Bonus: I choked on my water. I could see the laugh-pitty in his face.

One thought on “My job interview. By: an awkward introvert”

  1. No worries I actually insulted the interviewer, I was on time and he was late, in my first interview and still got the job. Even I can’t understand how I got that job 🙂 Well actually there wasn’t a single inerviewer it was a pannel of 7 or 8 people.
    I was the first one and the office was locked. So I was went to another place for about 5 minutes and when I came back 20 people were waiting in line. I had to wait 2 hours in line.

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