New Laptop

My husband &  I stepped up in in the world. We bought ourselves each a laptop. We plan to sell our pc. Hopefully somebody will need it. This is my first laptop. I’m excited. So far I like it.  We searched a few stores until we found what we like. Only thing is the ones we got they were all out of black so hubby got a blue and I got violet. Lol they are nice though. I like different. I consider myself different. I’m quiet one. At least until I get to know you. Well off to play with my new laptop.


2 thoughts on “New Laptop”

  1. I remember when I got my laptop after using a PC for so many years .. it took a little getting use to but I love the convenience of not having to sit at a desk .. Nowadays I sofa surf in comfort .. have fun getting acquainted with your fabulous new laptop .. 🙂

  2. Thanks. That’s the one reason we got them. Sitting at the desk too long would hurt my back. Now I can be comfortable.

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