Open letter to the girl and her family who ruined everything…

An open letter to the girl and her family who ruined everything…

So you might be wondering what happened between us as friends, but I know you aren’t because you’ve got it all figured out don’t you. You’ve figured out that it’s never your fault just mine, just the people who have “hurt” you or neglected you in some way.. The only way it’s your fault is when you miss the person or maybe and hopefully some day grow the f*** up….
You blamed me for every little thing. No matter what it was you told me it was my fault. Even when you blew me off or changed your plans because of it, you weren’t at fault it was my fault. I’m the one who didn’t remind you, or didn’t put it in your calendar for gods sake…
When I moved out and into another town because it was easier for me with school and work, it was my fault for not making an effort after a 20 hour day with school and work.. It was my fault for not wanting to come 30-45 mins out of my way to see you at 11 at night.
It was my fault for not being able to hang out on the weekends because I was with family.
It was always my fault.
To your mother,
You always showed me what NOT to do as a mother. You know why? Because you always told me that you didn’t want to be involved in drama, but in the end you were always involved in your daughters problems. She’s almost 21 years old!! I think she can take care of herself!!
To your father,
I never had a problem with you. You were always understanding and I think that’s because you were a man of god who believed in forgiveness and willingness for others.
To your little sister,
She was always a brat! She never listened, did anything and she got away with everything! It was ridiculous! It was like she was apart of some invisible club that only the youngest could be apart of and would get away with everything because she’s the “favorite”

Back to you,
I’m sorry but at almost 21 years old and pregnant with a mans baby who isn’t even divorced yet, living together and going to school with his money and having him pay for everything, that’s just f***ed up dude.
Like seriously learn how to manage time and get a better job that will pay what you need and work around your schooling hours. Grow a pair and actually apply at a busy restaurant where you’ll get hella tips and make good money too. Like does that sound like something you can do?
I know of many people who work and go to school all week and get 5 hours of sleep a night because they have priorities.

In the end tho. You have taught me multiple lessons about life.
1. Don’t always trust those who make you feel safe.
2. Don’t listen to the bitch who is always losing friends. (There’s a reason for that.)
3. A mother who is constantly worried about herself and getting into other people’s problems is a bad mother.
5. Always make sure you have your priorities straight.
So thank you for those and many more lessons that I have learned. It was a good ride but I had to get off on this stop.

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