Weekend Natural

I met up with G on Friday evening .. it felt natural, like the five year gap didn’t exist .. we went back to his and this was a first, in his invite contained so much more, he was sharing his personal space in a way we never shared before .. it gave me insight into all he ever told me and an awareness in what he speaks is true .. we watched a movie, had a drink and spent the night together, another first .. the whole night was spent wrapped in his arms in a contented bliss as much as my sleep was restless .. despite the very little sleep I guessed I had, when sunlight dawned I felt refreshed, a newness on the morning light .. we got up together and spent the day with a homely feel, he was perfectly considerate and very aware of ‘me’ picking up on little signs I unconsciously displayed .. he talked a lot with depth of his past history, some of which he had already shared with me so long ago, it only served to give me a clearer vision .. he dropped me home early evening .. I could of stayed another night but thought it best to come away, gather my thoughts and feelings ..

Back in my own little world I was practical, productive with feelings of warmth on the after effects before becoming restless I decided to go to bed .. I slept for a solid eight hours, quite the achievement for me.

Sunday I had some much needed normality, meeting up with a good friend as planned .. we hadn’t seen other since before Christmas and it was great to catch up with a little shopping and leisurely dining .. G texted me through the evening and I am trying to keep my thoughts on an even keel with words of slow self assurance when really I want, so much more!

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