What is the world coming to?

I started this journal in April of 2016.. I wrote one day and that was it..lol now that is commitment!

I have been through so much in the last 2 years! I have so much inside me I need to get out! I have no way to outlet my feelings and frustrations! I want to paint, don’t seem to know how… I want to write, don’t seem to know how.. I start a million things then stop after a day or two.. I never finish anything.. what on earth is my deal????!?!?!?!

Anyway… I am so amazed at the way the women of this world have all of a sudden decided that we don’t have rights now that Donald Trump is president.. umm ok… pretty sure he didn’t take our rights away and I am pretty sure he is not…lol

I really wish people could see that the things they are doing are not helping there problems any.. pretty sure if they would do things like writing letters, emails, etc people would probably read them more then make fun of them because they are dressed like vaginas and marching down the street… all that says is to me is , I feel I need the right to wear a vagina hat and throw trash on the ground.

Ugh.. I will never understand the women of the world….I am feel to do what I want I have never once felt like I was not equal to men when it comes to rights. But, I also personally love having my car door opened for me and my hand hold and my bags carried for me. I enjoy a man treating me like I am important and like he respects me. Just because a man opens a door for you etc, doesn’t mean he thinks you are less of a person then he is… it means his mother raised a gentlemen and he respects you.  But, all you women who want to go out there and do it all yourself .. have at it.. I will stick to the way I like things..lol


2 thoughts on “What is the world coming to?”

  1. I’m with you, I share the same sentiments that you have expressed. People should really feel embarrassed and ashamed of themselves stating that they are marching or protesting in a “peaceful” manner to exercise their freedom of speech but then utilize celebrities that talk about having thoughts of “blowing up the white house” and make vulgar statements-if you want check out my journal post “Changing Political Party” Appreciate your thoughts

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