1/31/2017-Differences in Taste.

Today I finally got out of the house after three weeks?You lose count after a while, keeping track of the days doesn’t seem to make a difference anyways.

Me and my mother only took a trip down to the gas station, I ended up getting my usual Banana bread and I couldn’t resist the ice cream cone. I feel a bit guilty(I was hungry though)

Usually I don’t eat a lot, a smoothie for breakfast and I usually have a good dinner and skip out on lunch since I usually forget anyhow. I haven’t felt like eating solid foods. This morning I woke up a bit nauseous, so I decided I would wait, and  I had the ice cream cone this afternoon sometime around 12ish.

My days are always highlighted by whatever I eat, which is kind of sad in the sense that I get excited when I can eat dinner. It’s the highlight of my diet as well. Without food, I realized how boring life would be, how dull it would seem. I feel thankful I can indulge on food, since I love it. Tonight I might cook up some spinach and eat that next to an Avocado. (I thought of cooking fish, but we have none).

Maybe fry some shrimp? Shrimp and spinach. My diet doesn’t satisfy my family, I’m teased a bit by it, not that I mind. My brother loves to eat his food with globs of butter and grease, he likes to brag about it sometimes. I even am stuck being called “Veg-head”. I’m far from vegetarian, so I assume I’m a “Vegetable-head”?

It really depends on my cravings. I love brussel sprouts, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, especially pickles even-though their high in sodium. It’s hard trying to eat healthy when my family brings home pizza and hamburgers and french fries(Oh gosh, love french fries).

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