AGB #2

Ethical Egoism tells us that it is okay and it is the right thing to be selfish. That there is nothing wrong with us working on ourselves, and that there is nothing wrong with helping ourselves first before helping others. There should be joy and happiness when helping others, if there isn’t any joy or happiness, then that is evil and selfish because we should have self-pleasure from helping others. We all should work on ourselves and love ourselves before loving someone else, how would we know how to love someone else if we do not know how to love ourselves. But people should help themselves first until they feel they are successful and content with life and where they are in life, some do not think or feel the same way, some never feel that they should help others, so they focus on only thinking about themselves that they want more money and more power because that is what makes them happy and that is all that matters.

Utilitarianism focuses on how much joy and help you can bring to anyone no matter if it is genuine or not, it is the right moral thing to do. You could be miserable and living paycheck to paycheck, yet you see a homeless person begging for money, you feel some sense of obligation to give that person some spare change that you will probably need at some point to round up a dollar at the grocery store. Parents teach children about what is right and what is wrong by giving them rules at a young age to make them understand that there are consequences when they do something wrong and they get rewarded when they do something right. So when that person gave that homeless person a few coins, in his heart he felt like he did the right thing because he helped someone in need, and felt rewarded by how he felt, because now that homeless person can eat and that was the good deed he did for the day.

The society that we live in today is very unfair, I say this because unless you are rich and or powerful we get treated like criminals. The laws and rules that we have in our country is supposed to apply to everyone that resides in this country, but it does not apply to those who are rich and powerful. If a middle class or lower class person commits a crime they are held responsible and thrown into jail so quickly no questions asked about it and that person deserves it. But if someone committed the same exact crime but this individual is a wealthy person who people respect and look for they are not thrown into jail, they are given a few months of probation and say it was a simple mistake therefore their lives should not be ruined by throwing them in jail. What is the difference? The difference is that money talks, they have the money to pay the judge to sweep it under the rug, otherwise they will ruin that judge’s life and reputation; and it does not matter who you are and how hard working of a person you may be, as lower a class society we are not treated the same. We are treated unfairly especially when it comes to our ethnicity, if you are nit white you are automatically a minority therefore according to society we will never succeed we will never make a better life for ourselves because those in power will not tolerate it.

Society has made everyone believe that rich people are goddesses, people with power and money are worth more than lower class people and they deserve all the respect in the world, more than anyone else that is below them. I suppose that with wealth and power respect comes with it, but in most cases I believe that it is fear, not respect. Wealthy people can do whatever and anything they please because they have the money for it so they can. With their kind of money, they can bring anyone down and ruin any bodies lives. It would not matter if a wealthy man came up with a plan to kill off some of the population by creating a virus, since our population is so huge and still growing, because there are plenty of lower class people left on earth that it would not matter. It wouldn’t make a difference, if anything it supposedly would be better so that other people can benefit from it by having more jobs, but this would only make it easier for the government to control a smaller population. The wealthy do not want more wealthy powerful people, they just want more power and wealth. By killing off some of the population it does not mean we have more jobs to go to or choose from, it would just be the same but more controlled. The rich will stay rich and the poor will always stay poor.

My post relates to module 4 because module 4 speaks on ethical egoism, utilitarianism, and cost-benefit approach and many other topics. But these three topics stuck out to me the most. They are all different and they all have different approaches, but they are all realistic to me at least. Ethical egoism and utilitarianism are opposites but I feel like in order to be happy you should work on yourself before helping others. I believe that putting yourself first is not greedy, help others no matter what but do not kill yourself helping others when you cannot help yourself. It is not right to not hold everyone that resides in our country to the same standard regarding, laws and rules. Everyone should be held responsible and all laws should apply to everyone equally. No person should have the power or say that it is okay or by any means beneficial to all of us to kill off some of the population to have a better life.

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