Crap and stuff

Things haven’t changed much since I last wrote.  Well, all my “contacts” are gone.  Except for Travis.  I guess it’s a good start to getting rid of my bad habits.  Also, I’m going to Hawaii in March.  I’m really excited.  I’ve never been there before.  It’s really only a month and a half away and I need to get my shit together before then.  It’s really not that much time when you think about it. For one thing and probably the most important is getting into shape.  I won’t have a good time if I’m worried about my stomach jiggling.  Also, there’s money.  I really don’t have a good setup going so far which is why I’m glad it’s tax season right now because I’ll get a good sized amount back.  I just am worried about spending it.  So there’s a few things I want to accomplish before I go.  I’m also going to try and not drink or smoke which is going to be super hard.  I’m not getting a good start today cause I feel too lazy to workout.  I’ve also got my stupid class which I’m not too excited about.  I’m broke as hell right now.  So far things are not going well.  At least I have a trip to look forward to.  I just hope nothing goes too wrong in these next weeks. 

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